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Want to help make Rachio better? Your feedback helps us improve our products and services. Please take a few mins to complete the brief survey below so we can learn more about you and your needs.
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We're going to ask you a series of questions that help us understand your needs. Remember there is no such thing as bad feedback. Please feel free to be open and honest with your opinion.

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About Rachio

Awesome! Next we have a couple of questions in regards to Rachio. Remember there is no such thing as bad feedback.

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Feedback Panel

We're looking for people like you to join our exclusive Yard Geeks product testing team. Geeks provide feedback on new Rachio products and services before they're released. Here's a few quick questions in regards to that.

Do you work for a company that designs or manufactures sprinkler system controllers? *

Which company do you work for? (Optional)

Would you be interested in joining the official Rachio product testing team "Yard Geeks"? *

Do you have ideas on how we could improve Rachio? Our product testing team the Yard Geeks help create easy to use lawn care products and help save millions of gallons of water by participating in brief interviews and or user testing of new designs on a monthly basis. All testing will take place from the comfort of your computer or smartphone.
What's your Linkedin profile URL or the name of the company you work for?

To participate in the Yard Geeks testing team we need a little good faith that you're not a competitor.
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Would you be willing to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to provide feedback on new Rachio products and services. *

To participate in a Rachio user feedback session you need to sign our Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. This allows us to collaborate privately on any of our supercool products.
Which days of the week are you comfortable participating in interviews and user feedback sessions? (Please select all that apply) *

All activities will take place from the comfort of your phone or computer

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That's the end of the interview. Your feedback is going to help us create awesome products and services. If you expressed interest in providing additional feedback we will reach out to you with the contact information you provided.